A Step towards Sustainability

A Step towards Sustainability

Our lives which has been made so much easier by the accursed virtue is gradually progressing towards an imprecation. The resources on earth that made modern world possible is finite. It should have been long approached that it is our responsibility and the major need to practice sustainability in our everyday lives. We have come so far into the perdition that it is now an irrational concept to revert all the damage that has already been done.

The development activities that offer people several kinds of opportunities leading to community’s growth has done harsh environmental repercussions. The importance of environmental awareness has induced greener practice initiatives among businesses including construction companies. It is of primal importance that building construction projects surround and embrace the concept of sustainability which concerns with not only protecting the environment, but also with using economical and environment friendly materials, and encouraging efficient use of resources.

The new school reconstruction project by ‘Kids of Kathmandu’ uses sustainable and economical building materials due to the progression towards the understanding that it isn’t enough to just ensure that the resources are being used in an efficient way, but is now more crucial to understand the measures we use for our reconstruction activity in terms of the impact on the community, and the environment.

“With 60 percent local sand-mixed soil, 20 percent clay, 15 percent construction aggregates and five percent cement, Rammed Earth Solutions constructs sustainable houses without using any machines.” (Gautam, 2017) Since the main ingredient is soil, it is cheap and is locally available which means reduced cost of transporting construction materials to the site. The earth-built walls need not to be painted or plastered due to its unique final texture, and are non-toxic and non-pollutant. To add up to its value, rammed earth buildings regulate the indoor relative humidity which, in turn, produces comfortable indoor conditions.

The decision to work using Rammed Earth Solutions has introduced to sustainable earthquake resistant building technologies and materials which allows its focus towards factors such as indoor environment quality and sustainable building materials. With the already established system inclusive of a set of complementary facilities in each of its rebuilt schools, Kids of Kathmandu sets towards green building as a future for its school reconstruction project where the school pivots on renewable energy, while it has already been sustaining with water conservation measures and environmental sanitation initiatives.

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Sujita Mahat is currently working with 'Kids of Kathmandu' as a Project Manager.



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