Rebuilding the lost hopes

Rebuilding the lost hopes

The persevering students in a school, so eager to learn and thrive, had to return back soaking wet because their school lacked a roof. Shree Dwarpaleshwor Secondary school situated in the rural Kavrepalanchowk had been running their daily classes in a temporary school where the students always feared their classes being blown away in the strong wind of the hills. It used to be a complicated decision for the parents: they feared the hindrance in their childrens' school lessons, but their soft hearts could not watch their children return back from school soaked in rain.

As of 20th January 2020, the happiness has returned back to the hearts and faces of the students, their parents and the teachers. With the support from 'Kids of Kathmandu' in collaboration with 'Sustainable Future', has constructed a 6-classroom building for the school. Prior to the construction of a second building, 'Sustainable Future' had already constructed a 5-classroom building; but since the rooms were not sufficient for all the students, the construction of a second building has evidently brought immense satisfaction and happiness to the school community.

The school has been constructed using the 'Rammed Earth Technology'. An environment-friendly construction technology does not only use sustainable local resources but has also depicted no compromises with the comfort of the students. Since the building remains warm during the harsh and windy winters and keeps the insides cool during hot summer days, the students have been presented with every important features in a classroom necessary to maintain their concentration during their class lessons.
Since the construction of the school building, the number of students has also increased by high tens. Some students even plan to enroll their friends in the school.

The school building which showed no motivation since the destruction after the 2015 earthquake, has relighted hopes in the hearts of the people in Mandandeupur Municipality.

Shree Dwarpaleshwor Secondary School
Mandandeupur Municipaity, Kavrepalanchowk



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