The World Between The Woods - Joshika Bhandari

The World Between The Woods - Joshika Bhandari

Joshika  Bhandari presenting her story 
“ Mom takes these stuff away,” said Polly. Polly and her mom were cleaning her room. “ Sure dear, I will,” said Mom. It was late so they had their supper and went to bed. There was a dark circle in the room but she thought that because she was feeling sleepy, she was seeing that. So she quickly went to her bed. The next morning when she woke up she again saw the dark circle. She went closer to it and found it was a big hole. She was very curious about what was inside that hole. She asked her parents about it but they didn't know. She spent that day just thinking about it. The next day she couldn't hold herself so, she went inside the hole. She didn't know where the hole went.

The hole led the girl to an old science lab. Inside it was different kinds of rings. She wore it and vanished. For many days it was like a mystery for people as to where Polly went. She had a best friend named Evangelia. She went to her house and her room to look for clues to find her. At last, she saw that hole. As she was Polly’s best friend and was curious so she went inside that hole. “ Ah! What a dark hole. I bet Polly wore these rings.” Evangelia said. So, there she also wore the rings and got vanished. As they both vanished they came to the same place. 

Both of them were between the woods. There were more than fifty pounds in that forest. They both were curious about what was inside those ponds and jumped into it. They came out of the pond without being wet. Now they knew that every pond had a different world. So they went to every pond and enjoyed themselves. At last, only one pond was left. They jumped in the last pond and they found it very strange. It seemed that there was a big war going on. Nothing was left except a haunted castle. There was a big bell and a golden hammer. They both rang it and a tall beautiful lady statue came to life. She seemed to be kind and humble but she wasn't. They all came out of the woods again. 

The woman was a magician. She took the children to their original place. But they both found it very strange as they were in the future. The place was so beautiful and amazing that the woman wanted it as her kingdom. But the two children were not ready. They had an idea to get rid of the women. They led her to the science lab and showed her the magical rings. She wore all of them and then she vanished. The girls were happy now but wondered where the woman had vanished to.

*This story was presented as the final story for Katha Bunaun V, organized at Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School. The story was also awarded as Best Story Award.

Prepared By: Joshika Bhandari
Facilitators: Monal Bhattarai and Sanskar Shrestha

Joshika Bhandari and her class with the facilitators
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