Glocal International Teen Conference: An Amazing Platform for Teenagers!

Glocal International Teen Conference: An Amazing Platform for Teenagers!


Teenagers have a huge potential to expose and invent many things that could lead our nation to the track of sustainability. Every teenager has a dream of doing something productive to bring an impact on society and can spread positivity in the nation. Besides, teenagers who are working for the welfare of society have created a chain learning impact itself. 

The pandemic has upturned the lives of teenagers; it has been hard on teenagers, but they have shown remarkable adaptation. They are becoming more independent and taking steps towards their future. During a pandemic, teenagers have shown their ability and have proved they can be change-makers through their amazing works. 

Here is an amazing opportunity for teenagers to present their insights on various global issues to solve local issues in the platform of the Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC). It is an amazing platform for teenagers to showcase their talent and an opportunity to have their ideas get amplified on a nationwide scale which might resonate with others and inspire other fellow teenagers to believe in action. 

GITC conference is organized every year in Nepal where teenagers from all over the globe participate to learn and share their beautiful insights in order to bring social impact through their work. Every Year GITC opens an application call for the role of “Speaker” and “Presenter”. Likewise, the application has already been opened for the year 2021.

Speaker & Presenter

It is an opportunity for all the teenagers from around the globe from age 13-19 who can take up roles as a speaker in panel discussion and presenter to give a presentation in GITC Key issues to articulate the ideas, experiences, vision, and insight to educate and inspire other fellow teenagers.


  • Opportunity to connect with teenagers from all over the globe.

  • Platform to exhibit your projects, plans, organization, and initiation allowing you to reach out via screening and prints.

  • Get a chance to attend the Glocal Teen Hero –Award, where we felicitate a Fantastic Teen as Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal’s 20 under 20 in the presence of 300+ invitees- diplomats, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, and many more.

  • Opportunity to meet the most promising industry leaders from diverse fields in the GITC and GTH- Award Gala


  • Should be a teenager from age 13 -19.

  • Should demonstrate knowledge and experience on GITC Key Issues.

  • At least 6 months experience in the field/area mentioned in the application form.

  • Able to create an impact in their society through amazing works.

Eligible Region: Open for all

Application Deadline: March 30, 2021

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