Glocal Teen Hero - In Search of a Fantastic Teen!

Glocal Teen Hero - In Search of a Fantastic Teen!

Teenagers are always full of curiosity, spontaneous, and who have tremendous energy to do something new. Teenagers are the future of the nation. They have the potential to acquire an abundant amount of knowledge at a young age. Today’s teenagers have the ability to develop creativity skills. With the help of potential skills; teenagers are inventing and performing many mind-blowing activities. 

Nowadays, we are listening and being conscious about the discoveries and inventions that teenagers are doing day by day, and reflecting on their skills. Actually, teenagers have a huge potential to expose and invent many things that could lead our nation to the track of sustainable development. In fact, teenagers have a higher potential to grab the self-conscious skill that is required to develop ourselves.

We believe that teenagers can be the change makers through their amazing works. Here we build up the platform for teenagers where they can improve their skills and start their journey as future leaders. Additionally, for the developing the journey of teenagers; we came up with the Glocal Teen Hero project.

Glocal Teen Hero (GTH) is an exclusive national platform for teenagers. It pursues to recognize teenager’s initiation, creativity and enthusiasm in achieving sustainable goals. It is fully-funded for teenagers. GTH is an initiation of Glocal Pvt. Ltd., a business enterprise working in the field of skill, education and entrepreneurship. The Glocal Teen Hero award is highly recognized for dedicated, passionate, innovative teenagers, who are working for the society for positive change and also bring positive impact in the society besides academics.

GTH aspired to empower teenagers to chase their dreams; give them an opportunity to lead their endeavours; and encourage teenagers to step out to be creative and enhance innovative thinking. 

GTH Journey 2015- 2020

The Glocal Teen Hero project has been providing a platform for teenagers to showcase their talent, ideas and innovation.The journey of Glocal Teen hero started from the year of 2015 targeting the teenagers from the Kathmandu Valley. Later, by 2016, the second year journey has expanded nationwide in order to provide a platform for all the teenagers.

Similarly, the journey came up with new concepts to bring passionate teenagers together from around the world. Along with Glocal Teen Hero, Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC) was incepted in the third year of  2017. It's a platform for sharing knowledge and experience where teenagers get an opportunity to learn about leadership, empowerment and social impact through interactive sessions which will motivate and encourage more of the other teenagers to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

GTH journey from 2015 to 2020 has recognized 91 amazing teenagers from Nepal. Till now, 6 teen heroes have been recognized with the title of “Glocal Teen Hero” and other motivating teenagers were recognized as early change makers and facilitated with the title of “Glocal's 20under20” for their contribution and impacts in the society. 

GTH provided an opportunity, not only to the winner but for all the applicants, finalists and other teenagers to develop themselves through networking and collaboration. GTH encourages initiations and we believe turning ideas into actions. It´s a great platform for contributing the nation by developing a platform to empower a teenager to work for the betterment of  society. Along with this, when the application is open up, the GTH Activation program conducted in different district.

Meanwhile, GTH journey is moving forward to have Glocal Teen Hero in every country across the South Asian Region to organize the recognizing platform for teenagers in South Asia.

Glocal Teen Hero 2021

Are you a teenager with various achievements besides academics? Did you work for a society to bring a positive change? Are you a change maker? Well then, Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero 2021 is just the thing for you. This is the time to explore your creativity and expand your horizons. This is a lifetime opportunity for all the teenagers who believe in the work they do and are ready to put their vision and mission to the world.

Now, next is you to inspire the nation. Let your work get recognized Nationally! 

To Apply:

Deadline: 30th July, 2021

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