180 Young Change Makers connect at Bangkok Thailand for building a resilient region at Global Shapers ShapeAPAC

180 Young Change Makers connect at Bangkok Thailand for building a resilient region at Global Shapers ShapeAPAC

What if you get to connect with young people from diverse field be it from entrepreneurs to engineers, scientists to artists, doctors to fashion designers among many others, name it any field at a same community - it would be Global Shapers Community. 
The Global Shapers Community(GSC) believes in a world in which young people are at the heart of solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. The mission is to inspire, empower and connect young leaders to reach their full potential, shape decision-making processes and drive positive change in their communities and the world. Founded in 2011, in last more than 10 years 10,340 Young people have joined as Shapers while 6,813 are already Alumni with their involvement in respective city based hubs in 505 cities based at 152 countries around the world. In these last 10 years, GSC has made large impact with 11,493,033 people reached or mobilized, 1,953,857 people directly benefited, 45,762 working days volunteered by Shapers, 37 policies changed and 17 Global Goals advanced ( as shared on Decade of Impact Report )

Over the past decade, the Global Shapers Community has engaged thousands of young people who have self-organized for impact, delivering projects for their local communities. Shapers have attended more than 55 Regional SHAPE events, 8 Global Community Meetings and 70+ World Economic Forum Meetings.

152 Global Shapers from 31 countries will take part, along with 30 Shapers from Global Shapers Bangkok hub and leading experts and key stakeholders in the 3 impact tracks: Energy & Food Security, Tourism & Creative Economy, Wellness & Healthcare For All at Shape Asia Pacific - ShapeAPAC2023 - Rebuilding a Resilient Region. SHAPEs are regional events created by Global Shapers, for Global Shapers, to share, discuss, and learn about the region’s most pressing issues. Each year, hubs are invited to submit proposals to host their regional SHAPE event. Global Shapers Bangkok Hub won the bid to host the Shape APAC 2023 on 22 - 24 September, 2023. Similarly, several other hubs hosted the regional Shape, Kathmandu hub - Shape South Asia, Tshwane Hub  - Shape Africa, Manaus Hub - Shape Latin America, Abu Dhabi Hub - Shape MENA, Washington DC HubsSHAPE North America & Caribbean and Bilbao hub - Shape Europe & Eurasia. Bangkok hub is hosting Shape APAC second time after 2018 while Hanoi Hub hosted in 2014, Bandung Hub in 2015, Tokyo II Hub in 2016, Cebu Hub in 2017 and Ulaanbaatar Hub in 2019.

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region faces a remarkable confluence of crises — the post-effects of the pandemic, cost of living crisis, the great resignation, climate crisis, energy shortage — leading to an era of "polycrisis," a highlight of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos

To prepare for these interrelated threats, leaders need to invest in solutions that build long-term resilience toward multiple risks, and hence the conception of the theme of SHAPE APAC 2023: "Rebuilding a Resilient Region”

View Your Choice team interacts with some of the organizing team from Global Shapers Bangkok Hub and and their take on Shape APAC 2023, Let's hear what they have to say  on our next blog post. 

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