The 3rd edition of VOICES organized by Embassy of India and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation was formally conducted at Nepal Bharat Library with the Editor in Chief of THE KATHMANDU POST Mr. Akhilesh Upadhyay and Editor in Chief of THE KANTIPUR DAILY Mr. Sudheer Sharma.

Photo Courtesy: Embassy of  India
Excited audience packed the library premises to hear and interact with both the editors from leading daily newspapers Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post.Editors shared about career in journalism, present situation of journalism in Nepal and struggle of journalist in the past. With concrete examples and experiences, both the editors presented their questions to each other and discussed the matter.

Sudheer said - "Before 2047, views oriented weekly newspapers were more popular. Although there was no guarantee of civil rights and press freedom during the period, development of infrastructure speed up in various sectors of press."

Upadhyay added that after the success of people's movement, new constitution (Nepal's constitution 2047) had  guaranteed the press freedom and right to information to people. Since then, newspapers like THE KATHMANDU POST and THE KANTIPUR DAILY got space in media.

However, the main subject in the conversation became POLITICS and its priority space given in the newspapers today. Both the editors even admitted that because of the political situation in our country, for some years, politics will be the highlight in the news paper.

Furthermore, they ensured that if any time in future, there will be political stability, then they will come up with some other more highlights related to social, educational, economical and environmental problems of our country.

Beside these, both the editors shared their journey in journalism career. Sudheer Sharma started career by working in monthly magazine and gradually in Kantipur Daily while Akhilesh Upadhyay, a full bright scholar in journalism at New York University consequently became part of THE KATHMANDU POST.

After both the editors shared their experience about their careers, the interactive session between the audience and the editors was held. Here, all groups of people including youths presented their queries related to the topic. In fact most of the questions were about the POLITICAL PREFERENCES in the newspaper.

When youths were quite dissatisfied by the priorities given to politics in newspaper, Akhilesh Upadhyay mentioned that politics is the heart of the country and very important essence that should be known. On the other side, adults had a query about the situation of Journalism in past and the present. So, editors talked not only about past and present but also about the future of journalism in Nepal.

Furthermore, there should be some entertaining factors in newspaper to engage the reader. So Mr. Upadhyay ensured that THE KATHMANDU POST will keep on posting youth articles, jokes, fictions, collegians, sports to hook the reader. Beside this, at the end of the program, Upadhyay urged to youth groups to take more interest in the politics of the country. After all youths are the one to make the country – Sudheer Sharma added.

Upadhyay and Sharma, more than editors, have been good friends since 5 years and more. Both of them share the common goal.i.e. to make journalism in Nepal more effective and to take it to the international level.

Earlier at the Voices edition featured Narayan Wagle and Kunda Dixit while Cinemandu, Poemandu and Conversations are some other regular program being organized jointly by the Embassy of India and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation.

The upcoming program is Cinemandu featuring one of the most acclaimed Nepali film "Saayad" along with interaction with the Director, Actors and crew of the movie.



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