Prabal Gurung conversation's

Prabal Gurung conversation's

Prabal Gurung at Dwarika's
at Enterprenuers For Nepal event
+Prabal Gurung for many he has been a fashion designer and for me he is a 'Inspirational hero' indeed. A person with all his determination and hard work has come so far so long too. I recall meeting him many times and one of my best memories was back in 1st April, 2010 meeting him at Dwarika's hotel and it was such a mesmerizing moment for me (and not a April Fool's day) . Prabal was just a big name by then and by now at 2013 he is one of the top fashion figures.

Here's a short video where Prabal too shares about his passion into fashion designing -

In Conversation with Prabal Gurung

For 34yr old Prabal Gurung, it was one of his greatest moment too that really has days to come which will inspire him to come with great designs. Prabal has met teenagers, youths and adults at various programs here in Nepal and 2013 was different for him as Shikshya Foundation Nepal, that he along with his siblings together with colleagues planned to start back in 2009 after Prabal felt as a necessity to give back to nation, organized a grand event to support Pushpa Basnet's Early Childhood Development Cente-ECDC and Butterfly Home.

Prabal Gurung also visited ECDC's  'RUNWAY SHOW '

I too got my pass as soon as it was available as i din't want to miss this opportunity of knowing Prabal's story. Luckily i got a ticket no.045 and it was one of my joyous moment too. All set for the day had planned joining the event at time so made sure that i move earlier that very day and reached the Army Officer's Club Auditorium at Tudikhel few minutes before the reporting time and all i could find was a red seat at the between and just made my self comfortable getting seated there. All i was waiting was for the time to begin to start the conversations with Prabal Gurung. All i could see was red velvet curtains and two spot lights on the white lounge chairs and a bunch of white orchids on a vase above a rounded table and all of these seated on a Brownish white fur carpet.

And in minutes after what i was glancing on the chippering crowd and all updating their social media the entire auditorium filled with  +PrabalGurungFanClub had some thing or others to share, the big screens on the right and left corners of the stage played the amazing persona we were waiting for's +Prabal Gurung's Spring and Fall collection's. All is what we could see was a big wow within all of us (jaw dropping video collections)

In a while, Ashutosh Tiwari moderator for the entire conversation welcomed Prabal Gurung amongst the enthralled audience. The supporting applaud and the welcoming screams was not stop until both sat and the conversation's started. All with their trendy gadgets where seem to be clicking snap shots and it went on till the end. Many even ran after Prabal Gurung and as someone from the organizers had to say "I was his body guard like for the entire program guarding him from the 300 gorgeous women out there"

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Few points what PG highlighted on at the event - 

- Internship is the way to get into business 
His internship at Donna Karen while he was studying at Parson's had to cut exact 4 x 4 square of yards and yards of fabric while put water on the tables for the designers. He shares it is not as glamorous as one would think of and emphasized what was shown on the screen is only 0.2% of his hard work all these 14yrs.

- Education + Training = hands in tools for Success learning.
Success is to make a living out of what you love to do it and passionately into it.

- Fashion is not just about sketching, drawing and all, its about a billion worth company.

- PG is grateful to Cynthia Rowley while he was on the first year at Parsons School of Design he won the Best Designer Award at annual Parsons/FIT design competition where she was a jury and later she offered him working on her design team. And for two years of learning keenly into minor things which he loved being with a student visa was tough and because of her help he got a work visa.

- After that he became a design director at Bill blass which really defined him who he is and understand himself and had a great learning too with his keen learning persona.

- PG was a struggling designer - He loved his struggle back in Fall 2009 as he choose to start on his own shifting himself from a big apartment to a 350 sq. ft room. While talking to his mother she would say "It looks like a cave" . PG says New York is a challenging, demanding place while also rewarding.

- PG loves perfection

- He says he surrounds with people who know him better

- Any kind of crisis emerges a kind of creativity - Starting on his own at a crisis time because he felt it was the right time and it was from his own will to start with and he follows his instinct. He says its his candid behaviour and it was a strategic one too. He shares " What is life with out risk? You have to live life as its your last day. "

- PG says - I enjoy the highs and lows of life as i believe that when you are in the low the high comes the next that always makes me plan accordingly.

- Nepalese need to change the attitude of "It's okay, it will happen" We need to think broader on an international standard which we are capable of as well.

- PG always designs keeping in the mind of the women he is designing for.

-  PG has been inspired by his mother as she was the one who would encourage by saying "You are Perfect"

-  I always wanted to be the first Prabal Gurung and not the next someone.

Prabal Gurung shared a lot of other things too. 

Soon will bring you the entire capture of the program - video - soon as well as that at the radio revolution the next day. 

Some great read of the coverage is at The Himalayan Times 

Prabal Gurung's love for his audience captured a video  


2 days ago
Hometown love for me, my goodness it's intoxicating, invigorating and humbling. Thank you everyone for the love and support of my work, the foundation and me. Nepal, I am forever indebted to you. XoPG

My question to Prabal Gurung got answered at RVL RADIO (Radio Revolution)

A video snippet of the Radio Revolution program with Prabal Gurung

Video streaming by Ustream


Subhasini Shrestha said...

We all miss out on the fact that he says he is a Global Citizen, well, his answer to why he got an American Citizenship is quite reasonable! After this show, and knowing much about him, he has inspired me, and many of us!!

Unknown said...

i read this article everyday...this has got inspiring words :)thankyou so much for posting this article. "When I walk into a room and I find myself as the smartest person in the room, I realize I am in a wrong room." this line of prabal gurung was also inspiring for me..:)

Unknown said...
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