Global Shapers Community's Shape Asia Pacific - ShapeAPAC 2023 being held this September at Bangkok, Thailand [ Interview with Bangkok Shapers ]

Global Shapers Community's Shape Asia Pacific - ShapeAPAC 2023 being held this September at Bangkok, Thailand [ Interview with Bangkok Shapers ]

Global Shapers Community has engaged thousands of young people who have self-organized for impact, delivering projects for their local communities. Shapers have attended more than 55 Regional SHAPE events, 8 Global Community Meetings and 70+ World Economic Forum Meetings. 

Shape Asia Pacific - ShapeAPAC2023 is days away this September ( read our past blog about it - 180 Young Change Makers connect at Bangkok Thailand for building a resilient region at Global Shapers ShapeAPAC ) 

View Your Choice team interacted with some of the organizing team Bamm, Shoot, Ong and Sai from Global Shapers Bangkok Hub who along with the entire big team of Bangkok Shapers are tirelessly and active engaged preparing for Shape Asia Pacific 2023. 

Let's get to know and hear from them on this blog - 

Bangkok hub host it's second Shape, what does it meant for you and the hub ?

Tipvipa Kittikasemsak "Bamm" -

Hosting a SHAPE event is undeniably an immense responsibility. But with great responsibility, as we've learned, comes an even greater reward. Reflecting back, the Bangkok hub's hosting of SHAPE APAC in 2018 was nothing short of monumental. Under the banner "Green Evolution and Sustainable Living," the event not only brought 133 Global Shapers from over 30 countries together but also set the stage for substantive dialogues on Renewable Energy, the Future of Food, and Sustainable Cities.

The memories, friendships, and impactful creations that emerged from SHAPE APAC 2018 have become legendary within our hub. Those shared experiences have been the torchbearers, constantly reminding us of what's possible when a community comes together with shared intentions.

Embracing this legacy, we, the new generation of GSBKK, are fueled with the aspiration of creating a sequel, equally enriching and impactful. The lingering memories and lessons from 2018 undoubtedly set a high bar, injecting both excitement and pressure into our preparations. Our vision for this year's theme, "Rebuilding a Resilient Region," is deeply influenced by the global context: a world grappling with the aftermath of a pandemic, which has significantly challenged the engagement and connectedness within and between hubs.

Our objectives are tri-fold:

1. Re-connect: We've seen the potential of our community, filled with kind-hearted, ambitious individuals. We're crafting experiences that reconnect Shapers on a profound, impact-driven level, turning friendships into collaborative forces for global betterment.

2. Re-inspire: The current era is riddled with a 'polycrisis' - multiple overlapping crises, from environmental to socio-economic, that have tested our resilience. This has informed our selection of tracks, with each track spotlighting experts who've remained steadfast and even flourished during these testing times. Through dialogues, site visits, and hands-on workshops, we aim to distill their wisdom, helping Shapers to strengthen their resilience and collaboratively "rebuild a resilient region."

3. Re-field: True learning often happens outside conference rooms. We're taking Shapers into the heart of Thailand's sustainable living ethos. From rice planting to culinary journeys, we'll dive into Thailand's zero-waste processes, and explore how food, a soft power of Thailand, is not only a cultural ambassador but also a key economic driver. It's a testament to interconnected growth, community strength, and the possibilities that lie in "rebuilding a resilient region."

In essence, our commitment, as the Bangkok hub, is not just to recreate the magic of 2018, but to elevate it, ensuring that every Shaper leaves with deeper connections, renewed inspirations, and hands-on experiences that resonate both personally and professionally.

Why did the hub choose the theme Building a Resilient region and prioritize those 3 tracks in specific?

Chanitnant Ajanant "Shoot" -

Our hub, Global Shapers Bangkok, picks the theme ‘Rebuilding a Resilient Region’ because we thought of our community as part of the broader Asia Pacific region. Just like many other places in the world, our region has been dealing with a remarkable confluence of crises - from the effects of the pandemic and conflicts in Europe to rising inflation and the great resignation - an era of "polycrisis."

We believe that to tackle these interconnected problems, leaders of all ages need to be well-prepared on a global scale. They should have the knowledge, experience, and big-picture vision to come up with innovative solutions that can build long-term resilience toward multiple risks. This led us to take a deep dive into our hub strengths and hold discussions to answer these key questions: What areas can really make a difference and potentially spark solutions for this complex mix of challenges? What are we good at as a hub? And how can Bangkok and Thailand play a role in highlighting local wisdom, resources, and global trends?

That's when we came up with our three impact pillars: 1) Energy & Food Security, 2) Tourism & Creative Economy, and 3) Wellness & Healthcare For All. Additionally, to make sure we exchange ideas and create new things, we've developed a framework for our three-day experience focused on: Re-Connecting, Re-Inspiring, and Re-Fielding. 

With this approach, we believe our impact pillars and framework capture the essence of the theme 'Rebuilding a Resilient Region.' By strengthening communities and encouraging collective efforts, we're all set to shape an equitable, inclusive and sustainable recovery – especially in the era of "polycrisis."

What would you expect the outcomes to be from this Shape to lead and for the Shapers to take back ?

Chutipon Watanakemapirut "Ong" -

The conference is positioned to address the complex challenges of Polycrisis by utilizing economic, sustainable, and policy-driven strategies. Our aim is to gain valuable insights from interactive panel discussions and immersive workshops, with a special focus on three key areas: Energy & Food Security, Tourism & Creative Economy, and Wellness & Healthcare For All, all while highlighting Thailand's cultural roots. Additionally, we're dedicated to forming strategic partnerships within the esteemed Global Shapers network and external collaborators, thereby significantly enhancing the impact of our initiatives and generating subsequent value propositions.

- Empowering Transformation: Through the implementation of the Shape to Lead initiative and the actions of Shapers, we unlock a realm of transformative opportunities.

- Fresh Outlooks: Active participation in conversations, absorbing essential insights, and engaging in workshops focused on subjects like Energy & Food Security, Tourism & Creative Economy, and Wellness & Healthcare will offer novel and innovative perspectives.

- Catalyzing Social Change: The insights we gather will fuel pragmatic, inventive solutions, amplified by emphasizing Thai values, collaborating across disciplines, and involving diverse stakeholders. This comprehensive approach facilitates broader, enduring changes at both local and global levels.

Bangkok being a central arena and a gateway for Asia Pacific, how do you see Shape build conversation ahead for the region ?

Irin Phatraprasit "Sai"

Shape APAC consists of Shapers from a diverse background and interests. We believe that everyone is unique and has a story to tell - we are shaped by our life journeys. 

Shape creates the environment where Shapers who may not have crossed paths, get to share their know-hows and their country's exemplary projects in a safe space. We hope that Shapers can inspire each other, adapt existing projects to fit with their own country's specific needs and more importantly, find ways to collaborate. Our World has never been more connected. Rather than regions working in silos towards a similar goal, we hope that we can create synergies so that we create impact in a sustainable and scalable way.

We do not know what we don't know. We hope that participants come with an open mind and open heart to learn, to be challenged, and most importantly to have fun!

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