Asia Pacific Change Makers all set for Global Shapers Shape Asia Pacific Regional Conference - ShapeAPAC23

Asia Pacific Change Makers all set for Global Shapers Shape Asia Pacific Regional Conference - ShapeAPAC23

View Your Choice as part of feature coverage of Shape Asia Pacific - Shape APAC 2023 covered Interview with Bangkok Hub Shapers who are the organizers of the Global Shapers Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok Thailand. ( Click the link to read both the blog posts )

In this blog series, 
we interview four of the dynamic Global Shapers from Asia-Pacific region - Mauliddiana Nurul Ilyas "Diana" from Surabaya Hub, Indonesia, Yuma Sumi, Fukuoka Hub, Japan, Ruohan Hu, Shanghai II Hub, China and Jackson Rowland, Auckland Hub, New Zealand. 

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When did you join Global Shapers and how have you been involved with the hub? 

Diana - I joined the Surabaya Hub in its inaugural year, which was in 2022. I played a pivotal role in founding the hub alongside my founding curator and vice curator. During that time, our primary focus was centered on environmental conservation as our project scope.

Yuma - My journey with Global Shapers Community began in 2020 and has been exhilarating. From 2021 to 2022, I had the privilege of serving as the curator of Fukuoka Hub. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Fukuoka hub became one of Japan's most vibrant. During my term, I welcomed 9 new members from 4 nationalities and organized over 10 cross-hub sessions. I also initiated the hub's first-ever cross-hub project and introduced Slack to connect 6 hubs in Japan, leading to two successful cross-hub national gatherings. I'm eager to share these community leadership experiences with fellow shapers at SHAPE APAC💪

Ruohan - I'm Ruohan Hu from the Shanghai International Hub. In 2022, I joined our hub and actively participated in our hub projects, such as events addressing the workplace challenges faced by young people just entering the workforce with 0-5 years of experience. Our hub cooperates with one of the most well-known mental health platforms in China to organize career development and mental well-being offline sharing events. In the upcoming months, we are going to launch projects related to gender equality.

Jackson - I joined the Auckland Global Shapers hub when it launched in 2015 and have been Curator, Vice Curator, and involved in various projects during my time in the hub. I was also the first Oceania Community Champion, and attended the WEF Annual Meeting in 2022.

How has Shapers experience been for you ? Share one of your best memories with the hub ?

Diana -  My most cherished memories within the Global Shapers Community include engaging in discussions and meetings with my fellow members regarding their innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to our city. This experience has enabled me to develop my skills in project management, campaign execution, and personal development. Additionally, I had the privilege of meeting other community members during the Annual Summit in Geneva and am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming SHAPE Asia-Pacific event in Bangkok. In our second year, we initiated a collaborative project with Surabaya Cambridge School known as the Greenheart Project.

Yuma - A highlight of my shapers journey has been meeting aspiring shapers from around the world, whether online or onsite. I organized a series of cross-border get-to-know sessions called Asia Virtual Coffee, where I had the privilege of connecting with inspiring change makers from across Asia, including Global Shapers Bangkok. These virtual gatherings transcended geographical barriers during the pandemic, fostering a global bond within the community. 

Ruohan - The shapers support and care for each other, generously sharing various resources and growing together, which left a deep impression on me. In addition, there are activities and resources from around the world to support Shapers. As a Shaper, we should cherish this platform and use its power to give back to society. Attending more activities to exchange ideas with outstanding shapers, proposing and conducting meaningful projects, utilizing GSC platform resources for learning are all good ways for young Shapers to grow.

Jackson - Being a part of Shapers has been life changing. From the learning, connections, and life long friends I’ve developed, it’s been one of the most important parts of my professional and personal development. 

My favorite memory would have to be the 2016 ANZ Retreat, where we went to a beautiful island in Sydney for a ‘glamping’ weekend. But, a torrential storm ended up coming through, making our glamping retreat more like a mud bath. The rain meant we spent most of the weekend inside a small room, but this brought us even closer together, and the bonding and learnings we had across the weekend were second to none.

What excites you about Shape and motivated you to apply to Shape APAC ? 

Diana - I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of individuals, absorb their energy, and share the indomitable spirit of "Arek - Arek Surabaya." I am also eager to identify potential partners and mentors who can contribute to the projects and personal development of my fellow hub members.

Yuma - What excites me most about SHAPE APAC is the opportunity to connect with shapers from neighboring countries! 

Ruohan -  This is my first time attending a SHAPE event, and I'm very excited to exchange ideas with everyone. 

Jackson - Despite being in the GSC for 8 years, and attending multiple World Economic Forum events and ANZ retreats, I’ve never actually been to a Shape, so I’m really excited to go to my first Shape! I’m also now an alumni of the Community, so have been less involved in shaper activities and events, and I’m excited to reconnect with new and old friends all working to make the world that little bit better. 

What are your expectations from Shape APAC and what would you love to take back to your city and your hub ? 

Diana - My expectations from Shape APAC are to immerse myself in a dynamic and diverse environment where I can exchange ideas, experiences, and strategies with fellow Shapers from the Asia-Pacific region. I hope to gain fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges that our city and hub are currently facing. This includes insights into how we can enhance our ongoing environmental initiatives and further engage our local community.

What I would love to bring back to my city and our hub are tangible actions and inspired approaches that will elevate our impact. Whether it's refining our project strategies, fostering new collaborations, or implementing best practices in sustainable development, I aim to return with a toolkit of knowledge and a network of like-minded individuals that will empower us to make a significant difference in Surabaya. Ultimately, my aspiration is for our city and hub to become a beacon of positive change and innovation, not only within the Global Shapers Community but also in our local community.

Yuma - As the community champion for Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia, I'm keen to learn how Bangkok Hub manages SHAPE and explore ways to support hubs organizing SHAPE events in my region. 

Ruohan - In regard to my expectation, on one hand, I hope to share my experience about well-being and healthcare projects and learn from other hubs' best practices to implement in our hub's projects. On the other hand, my work is in international trades, so I also hope to take this opportunity to discuss local economic and potential cooperative opportunities with outstanding Shapers from around the world. 

Jackson - I’m really looking forward to connecting with a whole lot of amazing Shapers and learning more about the work they’re doing to improve the world. I hope to hear about some awesome projects that I can share with the Auckland hub to help improve our city.

Which track are you more interested in and why ? How are you looking to add value to the conversations and learn or take back from that track ?

Diana -  I am particularly intrigued by the Food Security and Energy track, primarily because I believe it aligns not only with our hub's focus but also with the pressing challenges and potential opportunities for our beloved Surabaya City. I aim to actively engage in discussions and share insights from our hub's experiences in this area while also learning from the valuable perspectives of others in the same track. 

Yuma - The "Energy and Food Security" track is of particular interest to me at this event, since Japan faces significant challenges in these areas, heavily relying on energy and food imports, and grappling with ongoing concerns about nuclear power.

Ruohan - I signed up for Track 3 Wellness & Healthcare, because I'm also working on related projects. I hope everyone can achieve their potential and find more happiness in work and life. Attending SHAPE in Bangkok will be an invaluable opportunity to connect with other change makers, get inspired by new ideas, and put what I learn into action to create positive change. I'm looking forward to uniting our strengths for the better society. 

Jackson - I am really interested in ‘Track 1: Energy & food security’, because this is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the world as we increasingly urgently transition to a net zero future. My professional work revolves around how we fund that transition, and I am hoping to share some of my experiences through this track while learning even more from other attendees to further accelerate this work. 

Your message for Young people as a Shaper 

Diana -  Break barriers and pursue your core values. 

Yuma - Remember, opportunities aren't handed to you where you stand; you often need to change your perspective to find them. Across the world, there are extraordinary, like-minded, aspiring shapers waiting to connect with you. Language barriers may seem daunting, but don't let that hold you back—your English proficiency will improve along the way. And finally, don't wait for the perfect moment to dive into something; dive in, and let each experience prepare you for the next. Embrace the journey!

Ruohan - As a Shaper, we should cherish this platform and use its power to give back to society. Attending more activities to exchange ideas with outstanding shapers, proposing and conducting meaningful projects, utilizing GSC platform resources for learning are all good ways for young Shapers to grow. 

Jackson - Hope and action is what our future needs the most right now, and is what this Community is all about.

Outside Shape what are you looking to explore during your visit to Bangkok ?

Diana - Aside from Shape activities, I'm looking forward to indulging in some leisure time and exploring Bangkok's vibrant tourism and shopping scene.


Ruohan - During my visit to Bangkok, apart from the SHAPE event, I would like to research the Bangkok consumer goods market and the opportunities for companies from other countries to do business in the Thailand market. This relates to my work in the globalized economy. Also, I will explore the delicious food in Thailand - I think I will enjoy it during my trip!

Jackson - The food! I loooove food, and Thai is my favourite, so you’ll probably find me in between the amazing street food stalls. 

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