Global Shapers from Philippines, Switzerland, India, Nepal and 30+ countries join ShapeAPAC23 at Bangkok, Thailand

Global Shapers from Philippines, Switzerland, India, Nepal and 30+ countries join ShapeAPAC23 at Bangkok, Thailand

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Shape Asia Pacific - Shape APAC 2023 covered some of the Asia Pacific Change Makers along with  Interview with Bangkok Hub Shapers who are the organizers of the Global Shapers Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok Thailand. ( Click the links to read both the blog posts )

In this blog series, 
we interview five of the dynamic Global Shapers from world wide - Mikaella Antonette Canaman from Iloilo Hub, Philippines, Weza Bombo João from Zurich Hub, Switzerland, Shorya Mittal from Gurugram Hub, India, Ishita Maria Godinho from Panaji Hub, India and Navarerk Kaewphakdee "Boat" from Bangkok Hub, Thailand 

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When did you join Global Shapers and how have you been involved with the hub? 

Mikee - I joined the Global Shapers Community Iloilo Hub in 2015, right after finishing my  Bachelor's degree. This year marks my 8th year in the community, which I find  amusing since it's my longest commitment compared to my other career choices. 

During my time with the hub, I've held various roles, including Head of  Membership Engagement, Vice Curator, and Impact Officer. These positions  taught me a lot about leadership and helped me discover my strengths as an  entrepreneur and a leader. 

In terms of impact, I focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I worked with  the hub to start the conversation with the government about improving our startup  ecosystem and driving innovation in our city and province. As a shaper and private  sector representative, I actively contributed to the Innovate Iloilo Initiative, aiming  to make Iloilo a premier innovation hub in the Philippines by 2030.

Weza - I‘ve joined the the Global Shapers Community exactly a year ago and have been involved in a lot of Social Events - strengthening the Community spirit after COVID19

Shorya - I have been a part of shapers for close to 2 years now. I started off as a volunteer at projects such as Nari shakti and Outdoors, two of the most successful projects at Gurugram hub. Post that, I went on to become a project lead at another project called Shape Your Career, an initiative that aimed to upskill and provide job ready skills to college students from tier 2 and tier 3 students in India.

Ishita - In 2018, I embarked on a journey that would change the way I perceive social impact and collaboration. Joining the Global Shapers community was not only a decision but a commitment to contribute to positive change and learn from a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place.  Coming from a social impact background, I felt a deep connection with the values and goals of the hub. From the very beginning, I was keen on getting involved in various projects that aligned with my interests and expertise. Whether it was collaborating on waste management initiatives, attending peaceful protests, raising awareness on social issues or tree planting drives, every opportunity to contribute feels meaningful.

Boat - Joining the Global Shapers community was a decision that I made with a lot of excitement and anticipation. In June of this year, I officially became a Global Shaper, and it has been a transformative experience ever since. My involvement with the Bangkok Hub has primarily revolved around the planning and execution of the upcoming Shape APAC Conference, scheduled to take place in Bangkok this September. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside a talented and passionate team of Shapers who are dedicated to making this conference a success.

How has Shapers experience been for you ? Share one of your best memories with the hub ?

Mikee - My experience with Shapers has been fantastic! One of my best memories is when  all four Shaper hubs in the Philippines decided to organize an annual retreat. This  retreat brought together Shapers from across the country, giving us a chance to  learn from each other's leadership successes and how we tackle challenges in our  cities. But it wasn't just about leadership; it was also a time to celebrate our  friendship and create new experiences together. It was a wonderful blend of  learning and fun.

Weza - As being one of the Members in the Zurich Hub, Switzerland, I value the most hosting the 50 Global Shapers that get invited each year at the Annual Meeting for a Pre/Post Davos event.

Shorya - At shapers, I have seen the power of people coming together to make impact as volunteers from the pure will of making a difference. My best memories comprise of meeting like-minded people and eventually becoming close friends with some of them.

Recently, global shapers community came to my rescue when one of the shapers from the Hong Kong hub helped me get my visa to Hong Kong in one day for an important event that I had to invite there.

Ishita -
Being part of the Global Shapers has been an enriching experience that transcends boundaries. While each of us at out hub juggle personal pursuits, the opportunity to collaborate and learn from diverse fields amplifies our collective impact.

Boat - Being a Global Shaper has been a remarkable journey filled with opportunities for personal growth and making a positive impact. One of my fondest memories with the Bangkok Hub was when we organized a community outreach event aimed at providing educational support to underprivileged children. Witnessing the smiles on those young faces as we helped them with their studies was truly heartwarming. It reinforced the idea that small actions can make a big difference, and it was a powerful reminder of the impact we can create as Shapers.

What excites you about Shape and motivated you to apply to Shape APAC ? 

Mikee - I'm really excited about Shape APAC for a number of reasons. Firstly, I've always  had a fondness for Bangkok, so the fact that the event is happening there is a big 

motivator for me to apply. Additionally, this is the first SHAPE event in APAC after  the pandemic, so I'm curious to see how Shapers have changed their perspectives  and approaches to solving problems in their cities. 

The track on Tourism and Creative Economy is also an important factor to me. I  work in the creative and tourism industry, so I'm eager to learn about how Shapers  are harnessing opportunities in our field today. And of course, I can't forget the  guaranteed fun experience of connecting with fellow Shapers!

Weza - I‘ve just realized with how many Shapers we are getting connected and elaborate on new approaches how to solve certain challenges in the APAC region.

Shorya - I heard about Shape APAC from other members of the hub. As an individual who wants to actively work in the space of creating impact, APAC provides a unique opportunity to meet changemakers from across the world and understand the local implications of global challenges such as healthcare, energy, and tourism. 

I also feel excited to tell more people about the work we have been doing at shapers ourselves.

What are your expectations from Shape APAC and what would you love to take back to your city and your hub ? 

Mikee - I have two intentions for joining the Shape APAC in Bangkok. First, I hope to gain  valuable insights that can benefit my ongoing initiatives in the Philippines.  Additionally, I aim to establish potential partnerships and collaborations with hubs  in the APAC region. These collaborations can directly benefit our travel and  education company, We The Curatours (WTC), which focuses on inspiring the next  generation of innovators through transformative global experiences. 

Through WTC, we aim to connect our participants with industry leaders and  change-makers in Southeast Asian countries, fostering profound knowledge  acquisition, extensive exposure, and the development of visionary leadership.  Given Bangkok's status as a thriving tourism destination and the diverse industries  represented by Shapers in the event, I see an opportunity to strengthen our travel  and education programs through partnerships forged at Shape APAC. 

Weza - I‘m expecting having lots of fruitful and insightful discussions. I personally like to challenge assumptions and hope to encounter many sparring partners in debating the current status quo.

Shorya - I want to take back the experience of building and organising successful hubs practices and projects that create long lasting and sustainable impact in volunteer driven set up.

I also want to further network with other individuals working in similar spaces  and learn from them  

Ishita - With the prospect of my first Shape event in the Asia-Pacific region, my excitement knows no bounds. I have heard so many stories about SHAPE events and I can’t wait to have and share my own experience. The opportunity to learn from fellow Shapers and gain insights into the workings of NGOs and social impact organizations in different countries is a prospect I eagerly await.

Boat - As we gear up for the Shape APAC Conference in Bangkok, my expectations are high. I see this event as a unique platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking with other young leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region. I hope that the conference will serve as a catalyst for innovative solutions to some of the pressing challenges our region faces, ranging from climate change to social inequality. It’s an opportunity for us to collectively brainstorm and take steps towards a better future.

Which track are you more interested in and why ? How are you looking to add value to the conversations and learn or take back from that track ?

Mikee - I'm particularly interested in the Tourism and Creative Economy track because I'm  actively involved in these industries. I believe I can contribute meaningfully to the  discussions. Currently, I'm leading Sowenscale, a Business Development Services  and Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines, focusing on the digital  

transformation of businesses in Food and Beverage, Tourism, and Retail sectors.  Our primary objective is to help these businesses grow by integrating technology  and harnessing creativity. One of my proudest achievements is building a team of  young, creative individuals, growing from an initial team of 3 to now 30 members,  which I can share more about by being part of this track. 

In addition to this, we're launching the first program of our travel and education  company, We The Curatours, this September. This program targets college  students in business, information technology, and engineering fields, aiming to  inspire this next generation of innovators through transformative global  experiences. We want to connect our participants with industry leaders and  change-makers in Southeast Asian countries, fostering profound knowledge  acquisition, extensive exposure, and the development of visionary leadership. 

Attending the Shape APAC in Bangkok will be a source of inspiration and valuable  insights as we work towards realizing our vision of making learning enjoyable and  impactful.

Weza - I‘m going to focus on the Energy & Food Security track since I‘m working as a Sustainability Consultant in Switzerland. Bringing an totally different perspective and approach on how to handle and look at this particular topic, will be benefitial for the overal discussions. I‘d also like to learn from and challenge my peers that are way more knowledgeable when it comes to solve the Energy ane Food Security issue in the APAC region.

Shorya - I am more inclined towards the health and wellness track for my own experience of working in the emotional wellness space. I want to contribute to the track by expanding the definition of wellness and what it entails especially in the context of developing countries such as India through my work with my own organisation – Humans of Safe Places and my project at GSG – Shape your Career.

Ishita - As someone deeply rooted in the realm of social impact, I am particularly motivated by the socio-economic parallels between Bangkok and my homeland, India. I am eager to delve into the policies and measures aimed at addressing shared challenges such as waste management and food security. The potential for cross-border learning and collaboration is truly invigorating.

Among the intriguing tracks offered, namely Energy & Food Security, Tourism & Creative Economy, and Wellness & Healthcare, I have chosen Energy and Food Security. This decision stems from the pressing nature of these concerns on a global scale. The intricate interplay between energy consumption and food production is a critical issue that requires innovative solutions. Exploring this track aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainable development.

Although I'm only staying for a day and a half beyond the Shape APAC event, I am already envisioning my return to explore Thailand more extensively at a time where my work is not as busy as it is now.

Boat - As a member of the Energy Security track, I actively contribute by staying well-informed about global energy trends and geopolitical dynamics. I conduct research, offering data-driven insights and policy recommendations to inform our discussions. My advocacy centers on sustainable energy practices, with a focus on renewable sources and efficiency. Collaboration is key, and I actively seek partnerships with experts, both within and outside the Global Shapers community. Engaging in cross-track collaborations and participating in energy security dialogues are essential components of my involvement and I am always excited to hear from other shapers on their views and concerns around the topic.

Your message for Young people as a Shaper 

Mikee - Being a part of the Global Shapers Community has been one of the most enriching  experiences of the last 8 years for me. It's easy to feel proud of being a Shaper,  but it's also incredibly humbling. As a young person, I was searching for where I  could make the most meaningful contributions within the community. 

So, my message to young people is simple: Be intentional with your contributions.  Seize the opportunity to collaborate with these remarkable individuals, work  together to solve problems, and relish the companionship and privileges that come  with being a Shaper. It's a journey of growth, service, and connection that's truly  worth embracing.

Weza - Its always about the Power of Perspective Taking! The more diverse and critical insights you‘ll collect along your way, the better you can handle challenging situations. 

Shorya - Global shapers is a great way to learn about various possibilities in which impact can be created. A global community of young changemakers from around the world is a great way to be aware of the challenges not only at a local level but also at a global level.

Ishita - My message to young shapers would be to believe that they can change the world. It may sound far-fetched but all of us play an important role in making this world a better place.

Our diverse passions, talents, cultures and skills are like puzzle pieces. 

Alone, they're interesting. Together, they create a big picture and can solve problems. Imagine one of you cares about the environment, another is tech-savvy, someone is an artist, and another is a great leader. Put those pieces together, and you've got a team that can tackle almost anything.

Believe in what you can do together. Coordinate your efforts, and those small steps will add up to something significant. Unity is our strength.

Boat - To my fellow Shapers and to everyone who aspires to create positive change in the world, I have a simple message: “Never underestimate the power of your actions.” Each of us has the potential to be a force for good, no matter how big or small our contributions may seem. By coming together, supporting one another, and relentlessly pursuing our goals, we can drive meaningful change.

Outside Shape what are you looking to explore during your visit to Bangkok ?

Mikee - This is not my first time in Bangkok, and yet I still look forward to exploring Thai 


Weza - I always like to discover new world views and try to connect with as many locals as possible also outside Bangkok.

Shorya - I want to learn more about the city Bangkok and understand it culture better. I also want to see what I can bring back to India and implement here.

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